Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The IMAGINE FILM LIST & His Scandalous Kiss

His Scandalous Kiss has been listed on www.iflist.com, a site where people can propose their favorite book, game, comic or other title for film or TV shows. There's an option to suggest actors and filmmakers; director, writer, composer, etc, all of which will help form a vision for that dream project you have in mind. Because really, who wouldn't want to see their book on the big screen?

An added bonus is the Amazon buy link, promo picture and the ability to share with friends. Multiple actors and filmmakers can also be recommended if someone else has a different vision for the project. All in all, it's a fun site that probably won't result in any movie deals at the end of the day but which does provide an appealing platform on which to create your dream cast together with your friends/fans.

So far, I've added three books. His Scandalous Kiss has Emmy Rossum starring as Mary Bourneville. If you've seen the 2004 cinematic version of The Phantom of the Opera, you'll recall that she played the part of Christine. Which, in a way, is appropriate since His Scandalous Kiss is a Phantom of the Opera inspired romance with an opera singing heroine.
And then there's Brett Dalton whom I've cast as Richard Heartly. I encountered him for the first time in the TV show Agents of Shield and somehow, although he'd be playing the hero here rather than the villain, he just felt like the right choice. Of course he'd have to perfect a British accent first, so...we'll have to call him in for an audition before guaranteeing that he gets the part :)

For a complete list of recommended actors, please click HERE

And please feel free to make other recommendations, to add to the list and to simply offer support.

Thank you so much!

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

"I'm removing your stocking," Hunt said. "And I would advise Miss Bowman not to interfere."

Lisa Kleypas' skillful ability to convey a thought, emotion or image in the most perfect way possible, comes to light in this wonderfully unique novel featuring a brash, non-aristocratic hero, and a lady without a fortune. 

Simon Hunt is an entrepreneur (the son of a butcher) who's made a fortune on investments and other profitable endeavors. His influence has assured him an invitation to many society events, from balls to dinners and house parties, regardless of his less than gentlemanly ways.

When he meets Annabelle Peyton, who's desperately seeking a husband to solve the financial distress of her family, Hunt sets out to win her for himself. The only problem is that he's not looking for marriage, but for a mistress, and she would rather marry anyone in the world but him. And so begins not only a cat and mouse chase, but a great and incredibly satisfying love affair that will leave the reader breathless for more.

If you're looking for a plot a little different from the norm with vividly drawn characters and deep emotion, then this is the book for you. An unforgettable read.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Introducing Richard Heartly

Many of my readers fell in love with Richard Heartly after reading Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires and kept asking me for his book, which is now finally due for release on July 26th.
I think it has to be said that there's a definite 'wounded hero appeal' - a hope that this man, who has been through a truly awful experience, can finally have the happily-ever-after that he always dreamed of.
And Richard does long for true love to come his way. Or at least he did before going to war and returning a broken man. His life now revolves around revenge, the dreams he used to have of one day marrying, crushed and forgotten.

Because of the scars he wears, Richard is something of a recluse, not showing himself to anyone other than his brother, his father and his secretary, while plotting his vengeance against the man who once betrayed him. When he meets Sarah for the first time toward the end of Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires and she asks to see him without the mask, Richard bows to her wishes, only to find that her response is not what he'd expected:

Watching as she made her way toward his brother with tentative footsteps, Christopher waited for her reaction — some startled response when her eyes finally settled upon the burned flesh that rippled across the right side of Richard’s face. But when Sarah halted no more than two feet from where Richard was standing, her expression registered neither pity nor horror. On the contrary, she appeared to study him for a while, her brow creased to signify deep contemplation until she finally said, “It’s not nearly as bad as I expected.”

Sarah's words of encouragement will resonate in His Scandalous Kiss when Mary also asks to see what Richard is hiding beneath the mask. But his fears of revealing himself are strengthened by his growing fondness for her, prompting him to resist.

Instead, they form a relationship founded on character, personality and shared interests. Richard's need for adventure matches Mary's, as does his love of music:

He remained completely still, confounded by her courage. “So you wish to cultivate a friendship in the hope that it may blossom into something more?” he carefully asked.
“And if it does not?”
“Then I shall have had the pleasure of sharing the company of a man whom I genuinely like and admire — one who also happens to share my fondness for music.”

Richard is one of these tragic figures whose bright and shining future was snatched away in the blink of an eye. He has given up hope completely and feels no joy or happiness, only anger and resentment. Watching him deal with all of that pain and move past it to a point where hope can finally exist once more, is admirable. 
But it wouldn't have been possible if he weren't noble and good to the core. His sense of justice is not misplaced and he does not lie or deceive. And once his heart is won, he will do everything in his power to protect those he loves.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Introducing Mary Bourneville

For those of you who have read Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires and The Earl's Complete Surrender, you'll probably remember Mary Bourneville's appearance in these two books, first as Sarah's friend, and later as the young lady whom Woodford is asked to socialize with at one of Lady Duncaster's balls.
From Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires, we learn that Mary might be up to something secretive:

As he guided her forward, they approached the house and, to Sarah’s surprise, almost collided with a young lady who was hastily rounding a corner just as they were stepping up onto the terrace. Sarah recognized her immediately as Mary Bourneville, a young lady of roughly her own age, whom she’d met during her first Season and with whom she’d felt the possibility of a strong friendship—a friendship she’d stopped pursuing after the Gillsborough house party.

“Forgive me,” Lady Mary gasped, a startled expression crossing her face. “I was just returning from an early morning walk—the weather’s so lovely this time of day.”

“Indeed it is,” Lord Spencer said.
Lady Mary smiled brightly. “Well, if you’ll please excuse me, I must return upstairs to see to my aunt.” And then, before Sarah could manage a word of greeting or ask Lady Mary if she’d like to join her for breakfast, Lady Mary hurried inside, leaving Sarah alone with Lord Spencer once more.

They stood for a moment in silence until Lord Spencer finally said, “I’m beginning to suspect that Thorncliff Manor might be overrun by adventurous females.”

Sarah gave him a sidelong look. “She was only going for a walk, my lord. There’s hardly much adventure in that.”

Shaking his head, Spencer began guiding her toward the door. “I agree,” he said, “but if that is all that young lady was doing, I’ll eat my hat.”

Later, in The Earl's Complete Surrender, we find her pushing the Earl of Woodford away by criticizing his favorite book. As expected, he immediately loses interest. But since this scene is written from Woodford's perspective, Mary comes across as a bit difficult and uninteresting - a woman who doesn't care for meaningful literature.

With this in mind, we encounter her in His Scandalous Kiss and soon discover that she probably made a deliberate effort to avoid Woodford's attentions, and those of any other gentlemen, for that matter. Indeed, she has no desire to marry at all. Instead, she carries great responsibility and duty - both of which have placed her on the brink of scandal, preventing her from ever entertaining the idea of marriage.
She is kindness and goodness personified; her loyalty toward those she loves, quite endless.

“Lord Carthright is a lucky man to have so generous a sister.” Amy wove Mary’s hair into a long braid.

Mary sighed. “He is my brother. If the situation were reversed, I am sure that he would do the same for me.”

A romantic at heart with a passion for music, Mary cares more for a man's character than for his appearance. So although she starts drawing the attention of several handsome suitors, there is only one man who truly interests her - a man who keeps his face hidden.

Lady Duncaster sighed. “You may not be aware, Lady Mary, especially not based on this particular conversation, but I am a big advocate of love matches. It is my fondest wish that everyone should be afforded a chance at a happily-ever-after, but in this case, I am too concerned that you might end up getting hurt.”

“Because Signor Antonio,” she said, refraining from disclosing her knowledge of his actual name, “might look different from what I expect? Because I will likely be disappointed that he is not as handsome behind the mask he wears as I might have hoped? I am not that superficial, my lady. It is his character that draws me. Nothing else.”

I absolutely adore Mary. She represents the sort of person whom we should all aspire to be - the sort of person who can look beyond the exterior to the beauty beneath and who will risk everything in order to help those nearest to her heart.
She stands up for herself, takes chances in pursuit of happiness, and accepts responsibility for her mistakes. 
As she grows, during the course of the story, she gradually begins to believe that it might be possible for her to have the kind of love that she's always dreamed of. The key is honesty and openness.

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