Friday, April 13, 2018

The Prince by Katharine Ashe

Soul-shatteringly romantic, this incredible tale is filled with endless amounts of passion, devastating heart-ache and a happily-ever-after for the ages. A true love story that will leave readers smiling with tears in their eyes at the end.

Determined to follow her dream of becoming a surgeon and keenly aware that she'll never be permitted to do so as a woman, Libby Shaw decides to disguise herself as a man. But when a portrait artist known as The Turk recognizes her for the woman she is, she realizes that maintaining anonymity will not be as easy as she initially thought and that she may need an ally to help her with her ruse. Falling in love was never her plan, but not doing so soon becomes as unavoidable as pursuing the education she so desperately craves.

When the woman whose lips have haunted Ziyaeddin for the last three years appears as a man at a surgical lecture, he is intrigued. When she begs him to keep her secret, offering herself as his subject in exchange for his help, he cannot resist the temptation. Especially since he knows what it is to live a secret life, exiled as he is from his homeland, a royal prince disguised as an artist. But he knows responsibility awaits him in Tabir and that he will soon be called on to do his duty, making the fierce attraction he feels toward Libby a dangerous distraction he must resist at all cost.

Katharine Ashe is exceptional. She possesses the extraordinary ability to render complex human emotion on the pages of her novels, and The Prince is no exception. A story that stands apart from the rest in its uniqueness, this is one romance readers will not want to miss and one that I would highly recommend!

Available for pre-order, this title will be released on May 29th 2018

Saturday, April 7, 2018

How To Forget A Duke by Vivienne Lorret

Vivienne Lorret's print debut is the perfect blend of deep emotion, compelling characters and the sort of romance that goes straight to the reader's heart.

When Society matchmaker, Jacinda Bourne, takes on the task of finding a wife for the Duke of Rydstrom, she soon suspects that the handsome and infuriatingly gruff aristocrat must have something to hide. Why else would he require an heiress with a large fortune to her name and insist she have no interest in sharing the same residence as him? Determined to investigate in the name of upholding her agency's good name, Jacinda heads to Rydstrom's cliff-side estate, only to wash up on the beach with a serious case of amnesia.

The last thing Crispin needs is an overly inquisitive matchmaker looking into his affairs. But when Miss Bourne is confined to his home and the doctor insists she mustn't travel on account of her health, Crispin finds himself in a bit of a bind. Because he doesn't just have to prevent Miss Bourne from uncovering his greatest secret. He also has to stop himself from falling in love with the cheerful young woman whose presence beneath the same roof as him threatens to be his undoing.

This is a delightful story that keeps the reader wondering how the hero and heroine will ever find their happily ever after right until the last few pages. Of course it all works out perfectly in the end, but getting there is a wonderful ride that no fan of Regency romance will want to miss.

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Girl Who Stepped Into The Past - Now Available in Print!

The Girl Who Stepped Into The Past is now available for purchase in print! Ebooks will go on sale June 5th, but can be pre-ordered today!
This is a time-travel murder mystery romance set during the Regency period. For more information, check out the blurb below and the beautiful artwork created by Chris Cocozza.

She was looking for inspiration… 

When historical romance author Jane Edwards goes to England on a research trip, she doesn’t expect to travel two hundred years into the past. She also doesn’t expect to be accused of murdering the Earl of Camden’s sister. Presented with few choices, Jane decides the best course of action is to help Camden find the real killer. But the more time she spends in his company, the more she falls for the dashing earl, and the more she hopes for a life with him by her side. 

And found love in the most impossible place. 

James Sullivan, Earl of Camden, is convinced Jane had something to do with his sister’s murder. Until he learns she lacked the ability to accomplish the feat. Still, her explanation about stopping by his home in the middle of a rainstorm to seek employment, doesn’t add up. And yet, when he offers her the position she supposedly seeks, he discovers the smart resourceful woman she is. Which makes him wonder if marrying his new maid, might be worth the risk of scandal.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Earl Next Door by Charis Michaels

A spectacular read that takes the reader on a thrilling journey into the past. This author's incredible skill is evident in the fact that I was completely enthralled by the building of a staircase :) 

When American heiress, Piety Grey, flees from her money-grasping mother and step-brothers, she runs as far away as she can - all the way to London. There she buys a house in desperate need of renovation and, discovering her handsome neighbor, Trevor Rheese, Earl of Falcondale, has experience as an architect, she does everything in her power to enlist his help, while he does everything in his power to push her away. So it comes as quite the surprise when Piety realizes she not only likes the grumpy man, but that she might in fact be falling in love with him.

Falcondale has one purpose: sell his home and leave England far behind. But when the beautiful Piety Grey comes crashing into his life, all his plans for the future are swiftly upended. No matter how much he wants to avoid getting involved in her life, he finds himself neck deep in her problems. Especially when her greedy relatives come to pester her. Falling for her was certainly not on his agenda.  So when his own past becomes an immediate threat, she becomes a liability, forcing him to examine his heart and what he really wants for the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was fun and engaging right from the start with compelling characters who spoke with their own distinct voices. Absolutely loved it!!! 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Lady Be Reckless by Megan Frampton

Megan Frampton knows how to keep the pages turning and this new installment in her Duke's Daughters series is no exception.

Lady Olivia is hopelessly in love with Lord Carson and she is convinced he loves her in return. So when she proposes to him and he turns her down, she doesn't quite know what to do, besides persevere. She concludes that all she has to do is to prove herself worthy and he'll come around. Which means she needs a project - some way in which to help Lord Carson - and what better way is there than to make a respectable gentleman out of his illegitimate best friend by getting said friend engaged to a lady? Tenacious and optimistic, Lady Olivia is certain she'll succeed, even if it will require resisting a man whose kisses are oh so tempting.

Edward Wolcott knows Society only tolerates him because of his father's wealth. He is keenly aware that he will never be 'one of them'. But when his ailing father asks him to find a bride and Lady Olivia offers to help him do so, he decides to go along with it. For his father's sake, of course. Not because he wants to spend more time with a woman as lovely and tempting as Lady Olivia. She is after all in love with his best friend and would never consider marrying a bastard, which becomes a bit of a problem with Edward must acknowledge that he's done what he never intended to do and fallen in love with the lady himself.

This was a fun read with an incredibly kind-hearted hero who's trying to find his place in a world he doesn't fit into, and a heroine whose tenacity prompts her to fight for what she believes in, including the right to marry the illegitimate man of her dreams.

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Trouble With True Love by Laura Lee Guhrke

A wonderfully romantic escape, The Trouble With True Love, is a captivating read starring a very determined heroine and the sort of hero you wish would come bursting into your office :)

Clara Deverill is in a bit of a bind. With her sister away on her honeymoon and her brother's return to England postponed indefinitely, she has no choice but to run her family's newspaper business. Which wouldn't be so bad if it only consisted of managing the employees. But unfortunately it also means becoming the infamous Lady Truelove, which poses a bit of a problem since Clara has no idea how to offer the necessary advice the Lady Truelove column requires. Until she happens to overhear a private conversation between two gentlemen involving a detailed outline of how to continue bedding a woman without having to marry her. Outraged and inspired, Clara embraces her new persona in an effort to warn all women of men and their devious trickery.

Rex Galbreith is an undeniable flirt and a well-renowned rake who never plans to marry. But then he meets Clara and everything changes. Because this beauty appears to have no interest in him at all while also disliking him for reasons he can't quite seem to figure out. Until he discovers she overheard him telling his friend how to avoid marrying his mistress and that she has in fact written an entire article about it in her newspaper. Furious, he threatens to tell the world that Clara is Lady Truelove, but instead, she turns the table on him and he finds himself not only working with her, but falling for her in ways he never would have thought possible.

This story was thoroughly entertaining, consisting of an interesting plot and strong characters who struggled against the irresistible tug of true love. A read I would thoroughly recommend without question and one which can be read as a stand-alone although the prequel, Dear Lady Truelove, is definitely worth grabbing as well.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

67% OFF! Get The Honorable Scoundrels Box Set for only $0.99!

The Honorable Scoundrels trilogy is on sale at the moment for only $0.99! This e-book box set includes The Governess Who Captured His Heart, The Earl Who Loved Her and The Duke Who Came To Town. So if you haven't read these yet, here's your chance to get all three novellas for the price of one!

Impoverished, the Potter sisters have few prospects, yet each is about to find love in the most unlikely of ways…

When Louise sets out to accompany her new employer’s uncle to the Northern part of England, she expects to share her journey with an older gentleman. Instead, she finds seduction itself in the form of Alistair Clay Hedgewick, heir to the Duke of Langley. Confined to each other’s company for a week, friendship starts to bloom, and the closer they become, the more temptation beckons…

As the youngest sister, Eve is tasked with making a respectable match. So when she takes a wrong turn on her way to meet her friend and finds herself snowed in at Blackhall Castle with the handsome yet reclusive Earl of Ravenworth, she must decide if following her heart is worth the risk of scandal…

Life has been a constant struggle for Louise in recent years. So when an arrogant duke arrives on her doorstep and starts making demands, she is livid. But when he enlists her help in saving his business, she starts to realize that this man is so much more than she ever imagined – the sort of man who can lead her straight into temptation…

A heartwarming series filled with laughter and love, these three little treats are the perfect stories for you to enjoy this holiday season.