Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Scottish Duke by Karen Ranney

This plot captivated me from the very beginning. I absolutely LOVE a good Cinderella trope so this turned out to be the perfect read for me :)

Lorna Gordan is a servant at Blackhall Castle and she's been smitten by the dashing Duke of Kinross for years. She knows he's out of her reach, but wouldn't it be nice if he'd at least notice her for once? Dressed in an old gown and wig, she attends the costume ball that he's hosting. There, she finds herself engaged in a passionate tryst which goes completely awry when the duke finds out that he's bedded a virgin. This eventful evening will determine Lorna's future as she decides that the duke is not the man whom she thought him to be, and that she must make a new life for herself somewhere far away from his castle.

Alex Russell is convinced that Lorna was trying to entrap him. Why else would an innocent young woman lure him with sensual kisses and more? But when she vanishes from his life without a trace, he cannot seem to stop thinking about her or the insults that she threw his way when they parted. What he hadn't counted on was the possibility that he might have gotten her with child, so when news of her pregnancy reaches him, he sets out to find her, offering her a cottage on his estate so he can ensure her well-being. The only problem is that Lorna doesn't want anything from him and she certainly doesn't want him to take care of her.

Alex's inability to trust and Lorna's stubborn demand for independence, made this an interesting read. Throw in a villain for intrigue and you have a story that is well worth diving into. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Put Up Your Duke by Megan Frampton

Another lovely offering from Megan Frampton!

Perfectly groomed Isabella has accepted the fact that she is to marry the Duke of Gage. It will be a typical society wedding in which she will gain an impressive title while her husband to be will have his debts settled. Love isn't up for consideration since such a sentiment won't be playing a part in the negotiations. But then the unthinkable happens! It is discovered that the Duke of Gage isn't really the Duke of Gage at all but that the title belongs to someone else - a man so devastatingly handsome that Isabella can barely take her eyes off of him.

Nicholas is unprepared to be a duke. He's also unprepared to give up his bachelor ways and inherit another man's fiancĂ©e - which is what he must do if he's to save the dukedom he just inherited from ruin and protect the tenants who now rely on him. Plus, whatever would the queen say if she found out that he'd turned down his birthright? As he begins looking forward to his wedding night, however, Nicholas discovers that his bride to be is not at all eager to share his bed - in fact, she's terrified. Determined to make her want him, he chooses to pull back, rather than rush ahead, leading to a sensual seduction that leaves them both breathless with increasing frequency. 

This was a wonderful story about a woman accustomed to a strict upbringing who finally breaks out of her shell and gains confidence through her husband's eagerness to discover who she really is beneath her perfect facade. It's a story of two people tossed together by circumstance and their growing appreciation and affection for each other as they face the ups and downs of high society. I found it to be extremely enjoyable and satisfying. A book that I would highly recommend!