Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Note from Lady Duncaster's Diary - Secrets At Thorncliff Manor

Thorncliff Manor, June 12th, 1820

It's a curious thing...this business of getting older. One day you're chasing butterflies and squealing at the sound of thunder, and the next, you're wondering how these moments of innocent marvel could possibly have happened so long ago. Time is an interesting concept in that regard. I've known it to pass by with tedious slowness when forced to endure disagreeable company. But looking back - especially when thinking of George - it all happened so fast. Too fast.
I was only seventeen when he and I met, in India, of all places. But then again, that was where my parents were stationed and he was the man charged with the responsibility of bringing me back to England to meet my betrothed. 
Things certainly didn't turn out as expected where he was concerned, but that is hardly surprising considering the fact that we spent six months together, secluded at sea. And George...well, I would be lying if I said he wasn't the finest gentleman I'd ever seen when I first laid eyes on him. It was at the governor's ball, the night before our departure. I had no idea who he was when we were first introduced, and so, hoydenish fool that I was, I fear I was rather rude to him. He told me later that he'd thought of throwing me overboard several times during the weeks that followed. Frankly, I cannot blame him, for I had set my mind on being difficult - to fight the restrictions that were being imposed on me with increasing force the closer we came to England. After all, I was to be a Society bride - a dainty young thing who would sip her tea with perfect poise and never argue a point with anyone. But how was I to adhere to such rules? I'd been living abroad for most of my life, had ridden on Elephants and grown accustomed to sitting cross-legged on the floor while eating supper with my nanny. I had also been taught to shoot at bats with a bow and arrow - a practice that prove quite useful when our ship, the Endurance, came under attack from pirates. George didn't want to admit it at first, but I always knew he was proud of how well I handled myself against those barbarians. Which was fortunate indeed, or things might have turned out very differently for us.
It was our first adventure of many. He and I quickly discovered a mutual interest in seeing the world. We loved to travel - to share new discoveries and to explore places most people of our acquaintance would only ever read about in books. And I loved him, with all of my heart and soul. Not having him here by my side is undoubtedly the worst sort of pain I have ever had to endure. But at least I can find some distraction and pleasure in watching the younger generation enjoy the splendor of the home we once shared. Thorncliff is such a magnificent place, and if the Heartlys are right in their estimation, then the treasure George sought - the one his father supposedly hid here within Thorncliff's walls - is as real as the love George and I had for each other. If only I'd seen it sooner...
Perhaps it's just as well. Perhaps this is an adventure that's better left for the younger generation, for Viscount and Viscountess Spencer, for the Duke and Duchess of Stonegate and for Mr. and Mrs. Heartly.

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Wounded hero reading list

Hey everyone,

An article I've written for RT MAGAZINE about the wounded hero has just been published in the July issue. The idea to examine the appeal of such a hero came to me with the upcoming release of His Scandalous Kiss. Here, a tortured soldier carrying both physical and psychological scars has given up on both love and happiness. Instead, he seeks only revenge. Until he meets a mysterious young woman at a masquerade ball, that is.
Working on this article proved to be not only fun but extremely interesting. It gave me the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing Eloisa James, Elizabeth Hoyt, Mary Balogh and Valerie Bowman, all of whom have written memorable heroes with wounds galore. So I contacted them in order to get their take on why wounded heroes are so well-loved and was absolutely thrilled with their insight. If you'd like to know what they had to say, you'll have to grab a digital issue of RT Magazine HERE as I cannot share the piece myself due to copyright issues.

But, what I can do, is offer a reading list of wounded hero stories for you to sink your teeth into this summer - you can click on the images to find out more. Any that you'd like to add? Just comment below :)

Giveaways, Teasers and More...

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GIVEAWAY: The Untamed Earl & How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back

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Free eBooks and Deals for 05/17/2016

The Earl's Complete Surrender

Somewhere within Thorncliff's labyrinth of rooms lies the journal Chloe desperately seeks. When she realizes the brooding, handsome earl is hunting the same quarry, Chloe enters into an uneasy partnership. But in the face of public danger and enemies hiding in plain sight, both must decide how much they're willing to risk to solve the mysteries of the heart.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Historical Romance Novels for ONLY $1.99

An unexpected passion ignites as secrets are exposed in Sophie Barnes's captivating Regency-set romance
Despite the diversions offered at Thorncliff Manor, former spy James, the Earl of Woodford, has one purpose in staying there. He must find an encoded book that exposes a conspiracy within the British aristocracy. And he must do so without revealing his purpose to the clever, tempting Chloe Heartly. The lady has a knack for appearing wherever it is least convenient. In the library. In the salon. And, especially, in his arms . . .
Somewhere within Thorncliff's labyrinth of rooms lies the journal Chloe desperately seeks. When she realizes the brooding, handsome earl is hunting the same quarry, Chloe enters into an uneasy partnership. But in the face of public danger and enemies hiding in plain sight, both must decide how much they're willing to risk to solve the mysteries of the heart.

Vivienne Lorret, the USA Today bestselling author of The Maddening Lord Montwood, begins a new series with a scandalous bet that could turn one quiet woman into the most desirable debutante of the season.
From the Season Standard: “A true Season’s Original embodies the class, grace, and style of the ton. Such an honor ensures the recipient her pick of eligible suitors…”
Lilah Appleton’s prospects are looking dim. With one last chance to find a titled husband before she’s forced to wed her wretched cousin, she must make this Season count. Plain, forgettable Lilah must become the Season’s Original. Desperate, she seeks help from the devilishly charming, untitled, and thoroughly unsuitable Jack Marlowe. All she must do now is resist the tempting rogue…
Bastard son and self-made man, Jack Marlowe loathes the aristocracy. When he meets Lilah, he expects her to be like all the other greedy husband-hunters. But she’s far more dangerous. Her alluring smiles and sharp tongue intrigue him. Before he knows it, he agrees to help her find a husband, revealing tricks to ensnare any man. The only problem is, his plan works too well—on him.
When Lilah becomes the belle of the ball, Jack realizes he may lose her forever—unless he can take a chance on love and claim his debutante...

In the first of a dazzling new series, USA Today bestselling author Laura Lee Guhrke introduces London's most renowned matchmaker—and a scoundrel intent on seducing his way to the altar.
She's the matchmaker . . .
Lady Belinda Featherstone's job is to guide American heiresses to matrimony, and away from men like Nicholas, Marquess of Trubridge. But the charming, disreputable marquess needs a wealthy bride, and he hires Belinda to help him find one. Her task seems easy: find that scoundrel the sort of wife he so richly deserves. But Nicholas's hot, searing kiss soon proves her task will be anything but easy.
He's the perfect match . . .
Nicholas plans to wed a rich, pretty young darling to restore his fortune, and he's happy to pay a marriage broker to help him. But one taste of Belinda's lips and Nicholas's sensible scheme to marry for money goes awry, and he yearns to show his beautiful matchmaker he's the perfect match . . . for her.

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The Earl's Complete Surrender - GIVEAWAY

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The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean delivers a spectacular start to her new Scandal & Scoundrel series with The Rogue not Taken. Filled with an edgy sense of humor and fast paced intrigue, this romance is bound to leave you anxiously anticipating its sequel once you reach the final page.
Lady Sophie Talbot is no big fan of the ton. As the daughter of a first generation earl, she fondly recalls the life that she and her family had before arriving in Mayfair. So when she scandalously (and very deliberately) pushes her adulterous brother-in-law, a duke no less, into a fishpond at a garden party, she chooses to flee as hastily as possible so she might save her family from getting cut by association. Lacking conveyance, she disguises herself as a footman and hitches a ride with the roguish Marquess of Everlsey's carriage, only to discover that said carriage is not returning to Mayfair, but heading out of London instead.
And so begins a marvelous adventure containing a hero and heroine whose constant arguing and disagreeing just brings them closer and closer together. There's highway robbery, a shooting incident that only a questionable physician in a remote village can resolve, and a race to catch the couple who, for all intents and purposes, appear to have eloped.
The Rogue Not Taken is a wonderful action-packed story filled with sizzling chemistry. It will have you cheering the hero and heroine on while desperately hoping that on the next page, they'll finally give in to temptation and just accept that they're fated to be together.