Friday, August 25, 2017

The Honorable Scoundrels - Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Only $0.99 each!

As you may know I've been toying with the idea of self-publishing for a while now and after a lot of hard work, my first self-published series is finally available for pre-order. I'm super excited about these three novellas where the impoverished Potter sisters are about to enjoy a bit of Christmas romance that will lead to some well-deserved happily-ever-afters :) I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Temptations or Priorities…?
Determined to help her oldest sister make ends meet, Louise Potter accepts a governess position in the northern part of England. If this means accompanying an older gentleman on his travels, then she will. There’s only one problem: Louise is about to discover that her travelling companion is not the elderly man she expected, but rather seduction itself…   
Alistair Langley has no desire to share his carriage with his niece’s newly hired employee. But the matron he expected to find at his door is instead a beautiful young woman, one he knows he can’t travel alone with. After all, he’s going to visit his brother who is pressuring him to marry and produce a Langley heir—or be cut off from inheritance.  When he confides in Louise, together they form a plan. But the closer they become, the more temptation beckons…
Until finally a choice must be made: Love or money? Or is it possible to have both?

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A chance meeting…
Eve Potter can hardly wait to arrive at Amberly Hall for the Christmas season! The hope is that she will make a match with an eligible gentleman. But as fate would have it, she misses the coach that is sent to collect her from her point of arrival, and starts out on foot…only to go in the wrong direction. Nearly frozen, she arrives at BlackHall, where she is invited inside and introduced to the master of the house, the Earl of Ravenworth. Eve is smitten, for he is beyond handsome, which makes him a temptation she must avoid. But can she…?
Bryce Harlowe lives as a recluse, shuned by Society and even his own family after being accused of a scandelous transgression. The young woman at his door cannot stay at Blackhall less her reputation be ruined. And yet, when the pesky winter climate leaves them snowed in together at Blackhall, Bryce and Eve grow closer, each discovering a mutual respect and longing for the other. Until Bryce’s past is revealed, threatening to rip apart their newfound love…

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She doesn’t want to be a kept woman…
Josephine Potter knows she must retain her employment to provide for her younger sisters and to maintain the house.  While a young woman working as an accountant – at a hotel no less – could be frowned upon by some, it’s still a respectable way to earn a living. No matter what a certain duke might think. Besides, Josephine has a few rules she lives by: Don’t rely on others, don’t accept money from someone you don’t know, and never allow a man to control your life. But when she is fired from her job, Josephine may have to bend a few rules…
Devon, the Duke of Snowdon, has never met a more bull-headed woman than Josephine Potter! The Potter sisters are granddaughters of a Viscount and should not have to work for a living. So despite Josephine’s arguments, Devon insists she end her employee status immediately and accept a stipend for her and her sisters. When she is then fired, she accuses him of meddling in her life…and things are about to heat up despite the cold winter weather. As they work together to figure out why Devon’s hotel is losing money, a mutual attraction that won’t be denied, grows between them.
But when rumors of impropriety abound, can Josephine’s reputation be saved…or will her life be destroyed by scandal?

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bliss by Lynsay Sands

This book was originally released in 2001 but this is the first time I've read it and I have to say that although I'm not a big fan of medieval romance, this one was such fun!

Lady Helen Tiernay and Lord Holden have never met and yet the pair can't stand each other. Helen knows Holden is a cruel and unforgiving beast of a man while he knows she's an impossible shrew. So when the king decides to put an end to their constant complaints about each other by demanding they marry, trouble ensues...

How creative can one woman be when trying to make her intended break off an engagement? The answer is very! From foul breath to lice infested bedding, Helen embarks on an all out attack. The fact that the man she's attacking is far more handsome and likable in person than she'd expected will not dissuade her. After all, she knows how he mistreats his people. Or does she?

Meanwhile, Holden is doing his best to stomach the drink and food he's being served while visiting Helen's home, not to mention the stench attached to his beautiful bride to be. Until he finds out that it's all a deliberate ploy to frighten him off and he decides to respond in kind.

If you haven't read this yet, I highly recommend that you do. There were several hilarious moments leading up to the tender ones that eventually lead to love between perfectly matched couple.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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