Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Other Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

What a wonderful story! Julia Quinn's ability to create amusing dialogue between the characters shines, as do her brilliantly crafted moments of comic relief. A lovely continuation of the Bridgerton series.

Poppy Bridgerton is curious by nature, so when she discovers a cave during an un-chaperoned walk, she obviously has to explore it. Which is how she ends up kidnapped and on her way to Portugal with the incredibly handsome Captain Andrew James and his crew. The journey promises to be quite the adventure, even though Poppy has no intention of liking Captain James, no matter how well he treats her or how much he gradually tempts her. After all, he did kidnap her, which is not exactly gentlemanly behavior. But when danger strikes along the way, Poppy is forced to examine her feelings for the Captain and ask herself if he might be more than he seems and possibly even the man of her dreams.

The last thing Andrew Rokesby needs on his secret mission, is to have a Bridgerton tagging along, but he also can't leave Poppy behind and risk her revealing the cave she found to others. Too much is at stake for king and country, which leaves him with only one choice - she must come with him. The problems with this are a) the lack of sleeping space, which means she must stay in his cabin at the cost of his comfort, b) she talks all the time and is constantly asking questions, and c) she's far too pretty to not tempt a man into kissing her. Which would be disastrous because of who she is and who he is, and the trouble kissing could lead to. Which is why he decides not to give her his real name.

A fantastic seafaring tale of opposites finding common ground, companionship and of course, a very romantic happily ever after. This story will have you laughing out loud as you fall in love with the characters. A true page-turner that I cannot recommend highly enough.

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