Monday, April 6, 2015

Lesser known romantic getaways

There are so many fantastic places to visit in the world. Below are some of my favorite holiday locations - ones that would also serve as romantic getaways with that special someone. They're in no particular order, but if you still haven't decided on where to go this summer, maybe this will help =)

Mallorca - Spain

Beautiful island with everything located within a 1 hour drive - I recommend renting a car. Lots of rustic villages for you to stroll through. Have a seat at a small intimate cafe or restaurant and enjoy the scenery. There are caves to be explored and white sandy beaches for swimming. If you have kids that you'd like to bring along, Mallorca is a really family friendly place.

Carcassonne - France

A medieval fortress city, this town is perfect for romantic strolls through cobblestone streets lined with cute boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Go for a boat-ride on the river outside the city wall, visit the majestic cathedral or take a tour of the castle.

Bornholm - Denmark

This island in the Baltic is a popular holiday spot for Danes and Swedes alike. Surrounded by steep cliffs and beeches, it offers many opportunities for nature walks and swimming. The villages offer colorful cottages with climbing roses and cobblestone streets, or if you'd like something completely different, check out the round Templar churches - the only ones of their kind in the world.

Prague - Czech Republic

Prague is just beautiful. It offers plenty of romantic walking opportunities and outdoor dining. The castle looks as though it's taken straight out of a fairytale. Enjoy the view of the city from one of the bridges or go for a quiet boat-ride on the river.

Die romantische strasse - Germany

The romantic route. You'll need to rent a car for this, but the drive is totally worth it. You'll see some of the most beautiful scenery that Europe has to offer while visiting some very cute and romantic towns on the way. Take a week and just enjoy!

The Alps - Swizerland

Here's another driving opportunity. Stop along the way to enjoy the splendid mountain views, go for a hike or take a stop in one of the mountain towns on your way. If you feel like a larger city, head over to Zurich. Here you'll find old churches and lots of dining opportunities - fondue is a Swizz dish, perfect for a romantic evening.

Salzburg - Austria

If you'd like to enjoy an evening of classical music, this is the place. It's a lovely town with lots of historic buildings, including the house where Mozart was born. Many opportunities for quiet strolls through quaint little streets. Visit the castle or the magnificent cathedral.

Luxemburg - Luxemburg

Another gem that will take your breath away. Filled with historic buildings, this picturesque city is well worth a visit. Enjoy a boat ride on the river, stroll through the historic center, visit the cathedral, the ducal palace or the Sunday market.

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