Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fresh Review of The Earl's Complete Surrender

The Earl's Complete Surrender
Sophie Barnes

Reviewed by Linda Green
Posted January 12, 2016
It is 1820, and James, the Earl of Woodford, has received his latest mission as a spy for the King. But this mission is much more close to his heart. He has been charged to discover the identity of The Electors, a group of ruthless, powerful men who shape the political landscape for their own gain - the men who murdered his parents when he was a boy. To achieve his goal, James must travel to Thorncliff Manor to find a book, which would be simple except for the myriad of people and social obligations involved in a house stay. And Woodford likes to be alone...until he sees her.
Lady Chloe Newbury is dipping her toe back into society after the death of her husband. Having suffered much abuse at the hands of that man, she is glad she is finally free. But her confidence and self-belief has been shaken. The only good result from her marriage is her discovery of the existence of a book, which would finally uncover who had murdered her grandfather, and Chloe is determined to discover it.
As Chloe and James are forced to work side-by-side, their undeniable chemistry is hard to ignore. But for two people who have sworn never to take a chance on love, can this adventure open their hearts to more?
With danger, scoundrels, betrayals and sizzling passion, THE EARL'S COMPLETE SURRENDER by Sophie Barnes is one of the most entertaining Regency romances I have ever enjoyed. A well developed plot with intelligent characters, plenty of suspense, and just enough twists and turns to make it interesting, this novel has it all. James and Chloe are lovable, frustrating and endearing, and as a reader you cannot help but wish they grab a chance at love together. THE EARL'S COMPLETE SURRENDER by Sophie Barnes is the perfect example of what a Regency romance should be.

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