Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean delivers a spectacular start to her new Scandal & Scoundrel series with The Rogue not Taken. Filled with an edgy sense of humor and fast paced intrigue, this romance is bound to leave you anxiously anticipating its sequel once you reach the final page.
Lady Sophie Talbot is no big fan of the ton. As the daughter of a first generation earl, she fondly recalls the life that she and her family had before arriving in Mayfair. So when she scandalously (and very deliberately) pushes her adulterous brother-in-law, a duke no less, into a fishpond at a garden party, she chooses to flee as hastily as possible so she might save her family from getting cut by association. Lacking conveyance, she disguises herself as a footman and hitches a ride with the roguish Marquess of Everlsey's carriage, only to discover that said carriage is not returning to Mayfair, but heading out of London instead.
And so begins a marvelous adventure containing a hero and heroine whose constant arguing and disagreeing just brings them closer and closer together. There's highway robbery, a shooting incident that only a questionable physician in a remote village can resolve, and a race to catch the couple who, for all intents and purposes, appear to have eloped.
The Rogue Not Taken is a wonderful action-packed story filled with sizzling chemistry. It will have you cheering the hero and heroine on while desperately hoping that on the next page, they'll finally give in to temptation and just accept that they're fated to be together.

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