Friday, May 27, 2016

Wounded hero reading list

Hey everyone,

An article I've written for RT MAGAZINE about the wounded hero has just been published in the July issue. The idea to examine the appeal of such a hero came to me with the upcoming release of His Scandalous Kiss. Here, a tortured soldier carrying both physical and psychological scars has given up on both love and happiness. Instead, he seeks only revenge. Until he meets a mysterious young woman at a masquerade ball, that is.
Working on this article proved to be not only fun but extremely interesting. It gave me the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing Eloisa James, Elizabeth Hoyt, Mary Balogh and Valerie Bowman, all of whom have written memorable heroes with wounds galore. So I contacted them in order to get their take on why wounded heroes are so well-loved and was absolutely thrilled with their insight. If you'd like to know what they had to say, you'll have to grab a digital issue of RT Magazine HERE as I cannot share the piece myself due to copyright issues.

But, what I can do, is offer a reading list of wounded hero stories for you to sink your teeth into this summer - you can click on the images to find out more. Any that you'd like to add? Just comment below :)

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