Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Scot in the Dark by Sarah MacLean

My biggest problem with finishing this riveting read, is having to wait until June 27th 2017 for the next book in this series to go on sale - sigh. Truth is, I cannot get enough of Sarah MacLean! Her story telling is delightful and the pages always turn with incredible speed whenever I'm devouring one of her books. A Scot in the Dark was no different.

Lilian Hargrove has made a mistake - she has posed for a nude portrait, and now the artist whom she trusted and loved turns out to be a complete and utter scoundrel. He intends to reveal the painting at an art exhibit for all the world to see. Scandal and ruination are imminent, until her guardian arrives on the scene, intent on saving her.

Alec, the Duke of Warnick - only duke by incredible chance - is a Scott who hates all things British. But he will endure a trip to London in order to play the hero for a woman whom he didn't even know existed until his lawyer informs him that she has done something very inappropriate. Fixing her situation ought to be simple enough until Alec lays eyes on his stunning ward and a serious attraction starts building between them.

Sarah MacLean knows how to set the pages of her novels on fire! This was a captivating story of blooming love that would not be denied no matter how much the hero tries to resist it...Filled with entertaining dialogue and a heroine who knew her own mind and chose to fight for what she wanted, this romance is a definite must read.

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