Saturday, November 12, 2016

Christmas Romance by Harlequin

If you want to treat yourself to a really great holiday magazine, then I'd recommend considering Harlequin's Christmas Romance. Filled with three captivating stories (a prince who falls for an architect's assistant, a crime lab technician who's being threatened and seeks help from a co-worker, and a widower who reconnects with a lost love) this magazine has substance! There is no ad content to distract you, just romance goodness - fairy tale magic, suspense, wholesomeness - and a few tasty recipes to boot. As a bonus, you get an article about the creation of the magazine cover with many photos showing how the models and setting were prepared. It's fun, it's interesting, and it will put you in a holiday mood. So although the price might be a bit steep at $12.99, I definitely recommend adding this to your wish-list, shopping cart, or maybe advent calendar...Each story took me about one hour to read and the quality was excellent - a definite keepsake - I purchased my copy from my local Shoprite.

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