Sunday, February 28, 2016

Celebrating #8WeeksOfBridgertons

Celebrating #8WeeksOfBridgertons with one of the most memorable romance families of all time.

When Julia Quinn invited me to pick my favorite Bridgerton novel, there was no doubt in my mind about which to choose. Romancing Mr. Bridgerton will always be the most significant romance novel I own. It changed my life in a very surprising way, by opening my eyes to the possibilities of romance writing. Below is a quote from a scene that I’ll never forget – the one in which Colin finds Penelope looking at his journal without his permission:

~ He threw the leather-bound book carelessly onto a nearby chair and crossed his arms. "And do you make a habit of reading the personal letters of others?"
"No, of course not. But it was open and—" She gulped, recognizing how awful the excuse sounded the second the words left her lips. "It's a public room," she mumbled, somehow feeling like she had to finish her defense. "Maybe you should have taken it with you."
"Where I went," he ground out, still visibly furious with her, "one doesn't ordinarily take a book."
"It's not very big," she said, wondering why why why she was still talking when she was so clearly in the wrong.
"For the love of God," he exploded. "Do you want me to say the word chamberpot in your presence?" ~

What's your favorite Bridgerton scene?

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