Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wagers Gone Awry by Collette Cameron

The Misses Culpepper...sisters & cousins who live on the dairy farm that was owned by the father of the oldest Miss Culpepper & her sister. Upon the father's death the farm is inherited by a distant relative who becomes their guardian. This guardian has no use for the girls or the farm & "allows" them to live there with Brooke, the oldest, in charge & their only allowance being half of what the dairy brings in (which isn't much).

Brooke Culpepper, the oldest of the Culpepper misses, loves running the household & the farm. She doesn't like the fact that females cannot inherit property & she is at the mercy of a distant relative. Thankfully, he doesn't want anything to do with the farm or the girls which allows them to live somewhat in peace. Well, except for the fact that they barely have enough money to live on. Each of the girls does something to supplement their income, sewing, music lessons, etc and their loyal servants continue to work for them without pay.

Heath, the Earl of Ravensdale, a confirmed rogue wins a dairy farm in a game of cards. Not something a man about town has any real interest in so he decides he will check the property out & put it up for sale. After traveling to the farm in horrendous weather he is none too happy when he arrives & finds 5 women living there.

An old dog, undeniable attraction & a series of loyal servants "trying" to help, an improper proposal & wagers going the wrong way can this couple find a happily ever after? Will the winner of the bet hold true to their end of the bargain?

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review....I absolutely LOVED this book!!! Collette Cameron has the unique ability to put you in the characters shoes. She makes excellent use of first person...especially with the little "thoughts" each character has (these cracked me up!). Along with the wager between Brooke & Heath that involves Freddy, the dog, had me laughing & yelling out loud. She also sets up the next story with some of the secondary characters & it's going to be explosive. Anxiously waiting for the next story!

Review courtesy of Dee Foster
Sophie Barnes ambassador extraordinaire

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