Friday, February 26, 2016

Falling Into Bed With A Duke by Lorraine Heath

~A deliciously well crafted story with vivid characters that you'll want to hug and keep close to you heart ~

Where to begin...This story was simply spectacular! The setting was creative, the characters were strong, memorable and lovable, the dialogue was smart and entertaining. 

This is the first book in Lorraine Heath's new Hellions of Havisham series. The Duke of Ashebury is a keen adventurer with a passion for photography. When he's not travelling the world with his closest friends, he immerses himself in more scandalous activities, all in the hope of distracting himself from the devastating loss of his parents who perished in a train accident when he was a child.

Minerva Dodgers, on the other hand, is tired of being courted by fortune hunting suitors, for she knows very well that they would never give her a second glance if it wasn't for her enormous dowry. But she also dreams of experiencing the sort of passion that can only be found in the arms of a man who truly desires her.

Determined to take matters into her own hands, she dons a mask, disguising herself as Lady V, and then does what no other innocent young lady would dream of attempting, by visiting the scandalous Nightingale club. Here she encounters Ashe, a man so out of Minerva's reach that he might as well be standing on the moon. But when he begins showing a great deal of interest in Lady V, Minerva decides to grasp the chance he's giving her, to experience that which she knows she can never have as her true self.

As temptation draws these two together, however, a game of cat and mouse ensues. For Ashe no longer wants anyone other than Lady V to keep his demons at bay. More than that, he's also determined to have Minerva, in spite of her fears.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to those of you who enjoy intriguing romances with scandal lurking around every corner.

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